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                                          How to choose a trench coat?
The female trench coat is the most unique clothing that has earned popularity due to its functionality. And it's not about the fact that it has been popular for hundreds of years and still remains true to its qualities: practicality and convenience. Female trench perfectly matches with almost any things and it is great for any weather. 

If you have a lot of denim things in your wardrobe, when choosing a fashionable trench coat stylists advise to choose bright colors. Even in the most inclement weather, bright and luscious shades can improve your mood. If you want to create an image of an elegant lady, choose light-colored trench. An elegant bright raincoat will help you to emphasize this image. For clothing in classic style with light colors - traditional colors for trench coat is brown or gray. This coat will make you look very fashionable and stylish. Choice of red color will help you to highlight and complement the image of a sexy vamp. If bright colors are not acceptable to you, and you want to quieter notes in your wardrobe, you can choose a leather trench, which never goes out of fashion. You can also stop the choice on a trendy coat with a various trim of one of pastel tones.

How to wear?
Refined and elegant women's trench today is appropriate at any time of the day. For working days such a cloak looks equally well with both jeans and trousers as well as dresses combined with high heels. More recommendations about wearing dresses you can find on Darim24.com. Whereas for business meetings, you can combine it with an elegant women's suit, skirt or harem trousers. If for everyday wear you can use any colors, then for business image you preferably choose the trench of classic shades. Such a cloak looks great combined with an evening dress. You will look trendy if an edge of evening dress will little peek out from under your coat, which in this case, you can just throw on the shoulders.

The correct trench style of fashion this year will allow you to look trendy, stylish, sexy and business simultaneously. Adding to your wardrobe a much-needed thing, you won't be left unnoticed, since such thing as a trench coat, can transform any woman, adding zest to her image. 

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